When women have a seat at the public policy table, everyone benefits.
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Kim D'Abreu

Diversity Dimensions Consulting
Washington DC
Kim D’Abreu has 25 years of experience designing and managing national, impactful, workforce diversity and inclusion programs. As a credible thought leader within education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, she has built an impeccable reputation for managing the culture and complexities of environments. Her expertise includes effectively developing tools, strategies, and written resources focused on climate and cultural competency as a means to promote the success of women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT communities, and other marginalized groups. She is trained as an executive coach, and, as such, is an effective communicator with high emotional intelligence. She has a wealth of experience connecting with non-profit leaders, foundations, and health and education executives to explore new opportunities for addressing social equity issues in our society. Kim is passionate about the intersection of culture, identity, and traditional leadership competencies and customizes strategic solutions to support her clients’ business and career success. She has helped guide company leadership in structurally incorporating diverse thinking and experience into their management and program philosophy.